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  • Due to Covid-19 impact, Please expect short delays in order. We recommend choosing faster shipping.

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New Beginnings! Harry Potter Merchandise is Now at CHOIZE!

New Beginnings! Harry Potter Merchandise is Now at CHOIZE!

An announcement for all the Potterhead's in Livingston; listen up! You’ve something special coming your way! Curious to know what? Read along!

As you all know, Harry Potter is a young adult fiction penned by JK Rowling that tells the story of a young wizard who, with his bravery, confidence and unbreakable bond of friendship, fights against the evils of the Wizarding World. A magical (literally) experience, the stunning depiction filled with goosebump scenes and heartbreak moments always had the audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what’s next to come.

The Boy-Who-Lived stole millions of hearts with his courageous confidence and charming smile and continues to do so even years after he was first introduced. (Rumour is that he did add a bit of love potion!)

So, are you wondering why we, a company renowned for its luxury fragrances and jewellery, happened to mention The Chosen One out of the blue? Well, here is the surprise!

(Drumroll, please!)

Harry Potter merchandise is now available at Choize! Yes, you heard that right! You have your own Harry Potter shop in town! You don’t have to travel all the way to House of Spells in Charing Cross to get your favourite Harry Potter souvenirs anymore.

We have always wanted to gift our beloved customers a magical shopping experience, and whom better to bring to you than the world’s famous wizard himself? So now, we are not just a signature vegan fragrance store; we are upgrading ourselves into a Harry Potter shop for all the Potterheads- a perfect Potter destination, that’s us now.

Interested to know more about what we have? Let’s explore!


What’s a wizard without a wand? As Ollivander said, the wands have to choose the wizard. So, if you haven’t got yours, it’s about time to visit us at Almondvale Street to find your wand.

Cast in finest resin and beautifully hand painted, we have the best collection of officially licensed wands from Harry Potter for you to choose from. Be it Hermione’s wand or the Elder Wand, we will help you pick the one that matches your heart!

Our collections are not limited to wands; curious to know more? Grab your wand and cast Revelio to unveil all of your surprise secrets!


Luxurious fashion is what we always stand for, and we know you love it too. In our newly arrived collection, we have the best handbags for you to make a bold statement on your loyalty to your Hogwarts House while also adding that extra touch of class. Sophisticated, stylish and stunning, these Harry Potter bags are the best for your OOTD Instagram feed!


Searching for a room décor that’s all you? What’s better to focus on than the Potterhead in you? We boast an array of figurines of famous Harry Potter characters, including Dobby the House elf and Hedwig, the pet snow white owl of the young wizard. A perfect addition to your collection, they are sure to give that magical feeling you ‘ve been looking for! And they also make an excellent gift for that Potterhead in your gang!


The best section for all Harry Potter collectors who breathes Harry Potter! Magical and charming (literally). You should drop in to explore our collectables. We have the perfect unique gifts for every Harry Potter fan (whatever your age be), from pens and posters to cups and coasters, plus gorgeously eye-catching jewellery, customised book editions, and plenty of Potterhead gifts.

If you think this is all we’ve got, you couldn’t be more wrong. Our collections have everything you are looking for, and to know what else we have in store for you, take a stroll down the lane to Livingston! Enjoy a beautiful shopping experience while admiring our perfumes’ tantalising aroma.

Choize is already famous for its vegan scents and stunning jewelry pieces, so we promise your experience will be magical! And in case you can’t make it worry not; we have our online store, where we have already stocked up Harry Potter merchandise for you. All you have to do is log in.

So why wait? Happy shopping from us Potterheads, to you!