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Know about Oud perfumes.

Know about Oud perfumes.

Oud or Oudh is considered one of the most expensive fragrance raw materials in the world. To understand more about the oud, it is helpful to look at the origin of the oud. The use of the oud dates back to ancient times, as evidenced in the writings of many cultures. Today oud perfume sticks burn in places of worship.

Extracting the resinous heartwood from an agar tree provides ingredients for high-quality agarwood essential oil. The trees are grown primarily in India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, and traditionally Arab countries for luxury incense.

Perhaps only one in ten wild trees has the right heartwood, the result of years of aging and decay. Some seasoned perfumers seek out wild trees for the superior richness of the scent of distilled wood. The cultivation and agriculture - for the formation of the resin - double the possibilities of production in quantities. However, the performance is poor. Only 2% of the trees produce a quality product that is probably the most expensive essential oil on the market.

What is the oud value?

Its value is often valued more than that of gold; hence it is sometimes called liquid gold. The exquisitely complex aroma of oud is a precious gift from nature. When mixed with other essential oils to burn it off, the result infuses interiors with a feeling of opulence and comfort.

The variety of fragrances is very nice. You will experience a combination of moist and smoky wood with subtle notes of fruits and plants. The distinctive scent should be musky as well as sensual.

When you buy oud in the UK, the incense sticks are refined to offer the best of modern perfumery made from natural essential oils. Today's complex fragrance formulations with mixed oud are very popular. Designers launching their fragrances use the precious essential oil to a significant effect.

In the perfume composition of Oud bars, oud is often a base note in the air long after the other fragrances have faded. As a perfume base, the base notes are long-lasting. They help to enhance the aromas of various ingredients. While most of the woody notes have earthy qualities, oud is a pleasantly sweet scent.

The many uses of oud range from spiritual to therapeutic. Many people burn oud incense sticks to achieve harmony or serenity of mind. In the Middle East, burning oud wood chips smells like home and clothes. Some Muslims believe that prayers arise with the fragrant smoke of agarwood to carry a message directly to their Creator.

If you want to add a scent to your life, know and love oud. Choose the smooth, rich, and luxurious mixed agarwood of Blue Oud 12 for accents of golden saffron and damask rose with top notes of saffron and geranium, some middle notes of rose and papyrus in addition to costus, beaver geil, and the notes Agarwood musk end base. Blue Oud 12 Pure Agarwood 12 Glass Container Sticks is one of iOud's most popular items.

When you think of a woody fragrance, you may not necessarily think of luxury. But did you know that wood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world? It's called "Oud" and oud-based fragrances make a statement in the fragrance world. Let's find out why?


Oud is truly an aromatic luxury! The agar tree is considered one of the most expensive woods in the world, and the world market is supposedly worth a staggering 5 billion pounds! Unfortunately, due to its high demand, it has been classified as a potentially threatened species by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). As a result, agar trees are now being cultivated in other regions of the world to meet demand, but these may naturally smell different.

HOW does the OUD smell?

Unsurprisingly, oud also has a very warm, woody scent. It is considered particularly strong, which is why oud fragrances are not for the faint of heart. As it comes from wood, you can also perceive a touch of humidity in its smell, but also a pleasant smoke. It is a truly unique fragrance that you must appreciate!

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