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  • Due to Covid-19 impact, Please expect short delays in order. We recommend choosing faster shipping.

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Make your Abode feel Cosy and Inviting with Home Fragrances!

Make your Abode feel Cosy and Inviting with Home Fragrances!

Scents have the power to evoke strong emotional responses. Would not it be wonderful to walk into a house that smells like your own? Everyone has their own unique opinion and preference when it comes to the ideal fragrance for a cosy home. Some people believe that a true home should smell deep and strong like musk and cinnamon while others would rather be greeted by light floral scents and the fresh aroma of the outdoors. Every home is designed to elicit a specific mood. Why leave the fragrance out when you set the mood of a room and curate every single piece of furniture, light, and artefact in it? A signature fragrance can be the finishing touch to your décor.

home scents

There are various variants of home scents that would meet almost every need, taste, and lifestyle of yours and are available in the market in the form of candles, scents, perfumes, fragrance diffusers, Ultrasonic Diffusers, Electric Wax melt Burners, Fragrance lamps, and so on. If you do not know what you are looking for, choosing the right scent can be the hardest part of shopping for a home fragrance. Start with individual fragrances for your family to figure out their tastes and then gradually shift to shopping for one single home fragrance that everyone prefers. A scented candle is an ideal and traditional way to enhance the aura and the aroma of your home.


 Candles are one of the key decorations for a peaceful night, or when you are planning for a romantic date with your beloved. The beating flame and diffused smell provide a warm and calm feeling. The fragrance also plays a vital role in reducing the stress and strain of life.

Candles are the most common of all and can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, restaurants, and is one of the most common types of incense in Europe and America. You can have a look at our Luxury Woodwick Candles collection here.

Ultrasonic diffusers, one of the most common models, use a metal plate to rapidly disperse essential oil particles. One of the best diffusers available in the market, they are sufficient for night-time use and can act as both a humidifier and a diffuser. Compared to nebulizing diffusers; ultrasonic diffusers use a lot less oil. They can also run for longer periods, up to 24 hours in some cases, before having to be refilled. If you would like to get a closer look at ultrasonic diffusers, make sure to check out our 3D and LED Ultrasonic Diffusers.

In comparison to the other items on this list, reed diffusers are relatively convenient, long-lasting, and have low maintenance. It draws essential oils or scent from the bottom of a bottle to the top using brittle, wooden reeds. When the oils soak into the reeds, the fragrance is released into the air. To keep the reeds' pores from being clogged, simply turn them upside down once a week. There is no need for a lighter or electricity. However, since the fragrance released is so delicate, it is better used in smaller spaces.

Fragrance lamps

Fragrance lamps are specially made lamps that release a pleasant fragrance in your home. Fragrance lamps have been in use from time immemorial. Having been invented in the 19th century to clean the air in hospitals, they are still widely used in homes all over the world. Distilled water, isopropyl alcohol (the same alcohol used in antibacterial hand washes), and fragrances are used to make lamp fragrances. The alcohol portion is critical to the efficient operation of the catalytic combustion process. Because of their nature and design, fragrance lamps are suitable for use in the home to eliminate cooking and pet odours while keeping the house smelling healthy.