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Body Soft Gift Set

Best Skin care set - Choize

Body Soft Gift Set

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Green Angel Body Soft Gift Set is perfect to keep the body smooth and nourished with a natural organic seaweed soap, body lotion, and a neroli and vitamin E hand cream available at Choize. We have the best collection of Green Angel skincare products.

Product Description

This sumptuous collection of skincare solutions will help to exfoliate, moisturize, and care for your body and hands. Our most popular gift set now with festive packaging.

Seaweed Body Lotion With Organic Neroli & Chamomile (200ml), Seaweed Hand Cream with Vitamin E &Neroli (50ml), and Seaweed, Lavender & Mandarin Soap (115g). This gift set makes the perfect gift for almost everybody and for almost every occasion.

Green Angel Seaweed soap with Lavender and Mandarin

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Soap is prepared using hand-harvested Irish Seaweed picked from the pristine waters on Irelands West Coast and Organic Palm and Coconut oils. The small sections of dried seaweed fronds visible in the soap, gently and naturally exfoliate the skin unclogging pores helping problematic skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The four types of nutrient-rich organic seaweed used contain vital trace elements, vitamins, and minerals. These along with organic Lavender, Mandarin, precious Neroli essential oil, and Omega 3 Rich Plant Oils make it a phenomenally rich soap that is very calming and soothing.

Seaweed Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Neroli

There are very few oil glands in the hands compared to the rest of the body, so they get dry – and dry skin ages faster. The way to stop hands from aging fast is to protect and nourish them, and that means using a good hand cream.

This Green Angel Hand cream is formulated with a unique blend of four types of mineral and vitamin-rich hand-harvested organic Irish seaweeds enriched with Neroli organic essential oil and the added protection of Vitamin E which forms a barrier around cells to help keep them healthy and hydrated which in turn helps skin stay moisturized and supple. This luxurious skin healing hand cream absorbs all the vitamins and minerals beautifully into the skin to help hydrate and nourish the hands. It is especially good for dry or chapped hands helping to leave them nourished, healthy and soft.

NEROLI is a sensual and seductive oil. It is made from the distilled petals of the orange blossom tree. It has very potent, soothing, and relaxing properties and also smells divine.

Seaweed Body Lotion with Neroli & Chamomile

It is recommended to use Green Angel Hand Cream on a daily basis to help keep your hands looking and feeling super so

This Body Lotion combines four Hand-harvested Organic Irish seaweeds containing multivitamins and minerals with precious organic essential oils of Neroli, Chamomile, and Lavender. These very calming and luxurious ingredients help rejuvenate and nourish the skin and help provide natural moisture. It is also enriched with Vitamin E providing an antioxidant boost that helps the healthy growth of new skin cells. It absorbs quickly and is very good for all skin types. Because it is so soothing it also makes an excellent after-sun lotion.

NEROLI essential oil is a plant oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It has many therapeutic properties that help keep skin problems at bay.

CHAMOMILE essential oil is one of the gentlest essential oils and has traditionally been used for thousands of years all over the world for its relaxing and sedative benefits.

LAVENDER is very calming on the skin and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

VITAMIN E is a highly effective ingredient for moisturizing and preserving the skin.

Contains 1x50ml Seaweed Hand Cream, 1x200ml Seaweed Body Lotion, 1x115g Soap.

Green Angel Body Soft Gift Set at Choize will leave your body deeply nourished featuring an exfoliating organic seaweed soap, a natural body lotion, and a vitamin-enhanced hand cream, you'll be left feeling smooth from head to toe.


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